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Therapeutic massage and music therapy have all been part of my life since for years. As a massage therapist, my goal is to complement a client’s physical, spiritual, professional or ecologically related goals. In all cases, these massages are intended to provide a space for the client’s meditative exploration. Massage modalities I offer include Neuromuscular […]


Listen And Manifest - Cats

Music Journeys

My intuitive, spontaneous and fun song and poetry journeying is based on a client’s personal, professional, spiritual or ecological goals. These sessions are recorded for the client’s later use, to share with others and/or to help our planet, when applicable. In many sessions, the client and I work together to create a poetic statement and […]

Outdoor Personal Training

My personalized outdoor training sessions [usually in the Flatirons] are designed to maximize upper and lower body training, or to achieve post rehabilitation goals. I use various rubber stretch bands [the ones used by physical therapists], sticks, rocks, and natural features in nature to create a fully balanced workout session. I also include information on […]

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